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1. The determination and ambition of a person to achive something
2. To operate and control the direction and speed of a motor vehicle

 I founded Andy's Driving Academy to provide drivers of all ages with the Quality of Drivers Education they deserve. Before every lesson all my students are reminded that safety and responsibility are #1.  And that driving is a privilege not a right. After 22 years of teaching Drivers Education my dedication remains the same, an unmatched level of patience, passionate drive to build confidence, and the pure rewarding feeling of watching a new driver grow.



Andy's Driving Academy

A 23 year resident of Southern Maryland, with 22  years of experience as a Driver's Education Instructor.


7 years as a Professional Precision/Stunt Driver with over 15 Movie, Television and Industrial film credits.


In addition to 12 live precision driving shows. Where he was performing, to raising money for such great causes as Hospice Foundations, The Wounded warriors project, and raising money for children with special needs.

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